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What Is the BO9 Boiler Form?

The BO9 form is one of the most important forms to fill out and review in the city of New York. For homes and buildings that are recognized as commercial, mixed use, or buildings that house families of six or more, you are required by the state to complete and inspect your low pressured or high pressured boilers. New requirements have created an effective way to have your boiler inspected, approved and ensure your BO9 form completed within a perfect time frame for the city.

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BO9 Boiler Specialist

Each process starts with the inspection by our group of talented and experienced BO9 boiler specialist. Each inspection must be completed by an inspector in the time frame of November 15th to December 31st. With a focus in each inspection towards safety, your home or business operation will be reviewed as a safe or unsafe environment for businesses and families based on review.

Complete The BO9 form

If the inspector has approved your current high or low pressure boiler as safe for the building, the owner must then complete the BO9 form after inspection is completed. The BO9 form must be completed within 45 days from the time that an inspection is done by a certified inspector and filed into the department of buildings to avoid any violations with your boilers.

Boiler Inspection

If your boiler is not inspected within the time frame that has been chosen or your BO9 form has not been submitted by the 45 day time frame which it must be processed by, your building will be considered in violation by the state of New York and will be processed in a criminal court summons. To have a violation corrected, simply provide proof that your home or building has been reviewed and processed by the DOB.

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Don't let your building be in violation over simple and easy processes, have your building boiler checked by officials to create a safe and legal environment for your tenants or families. Contact us today to set up your official visit and process your BO9 form as early as possible.

The BO9 Boiler Form FAQ

Installed and repaired

Who do I send My Form to?

All forms must be completed and sent to the New York Department of buildings to official complete your review of your commercial or family property. No other department should receive the BO9 form.

Is the BO9 form a one-time process?

NO, the NYC BO9 form must be completed yearly to secure the safety of all tenants living in the buildings. Each year your high or low pressured boilers could be worsening, having a routine check will prevent any future problems.

What law requires me to processes this annually?

The annual local law of 62/91 requires that all buildings under the title of Commercial, Mixed Use, or a building that accommodates six or more families must be reviewed and submitted annually. Unless some form of exception from the state, all areas are required by the city and state.

BO9 form

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